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Progress House Slogan

Progress House is a non-profit recovery residence that offers transitional housing, counseling, and a sober living environment for men who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. We are a cost effective program, it costs less than $40 a day to keep a man in our program and on their way to a productive lifestyle.

In 2015, nearly 300 men were given the opportunity to turn their lives around for a life free from alcohol and drugs. While on their road to recovery at Progress House, many of these previously homeless and unemployable men have discovered that their lives have meaning; that their actions can have positive results” and that they can find employment or go back to school. They discover the importance of learning how to stay sober, before attempting any other changes in their lives.

With your help, many more of these men will be able to demonstrate that these is hope for the newcomer just arriving at Progress House, as they begin new careers, reunite with their families and establish themselves as someone others can count on. The men who are successful in taking what they have learned at Progress House are serious about becoming responsible for themselves, and they are finding that they can accomplish much more than they or their family, friends and employers would have dreamed possible less than one or two years ago.

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