In Their Own Words

The following are comments and stories from our residents.

I’ve been a resident nearly 4 months now and am now celebrating my 6 months sobriety date. A big thank you to all the staff for helping me to get as far as I have. – Lonnie B.

This facility has literally saved the lives of dozens of men. It established itself as a successful sober-living community for alcoholics and in the last few years has also become a beacon of hope for 20-somethings caught up in the heroin epidemic. If these guys got together on the street, it would be an inflammatory mix. But through God’s grace and the caring, skilled staff, they help each other get clean and sober one day at a time. – Mike M.

My progress house experience was very humbling. The counselors and residents were nothing but same. We all have a past an they teach us how to be alive again. Progress house is in my family. My brother sis in law an now I are all alumni and are living again. God has given us progress house its everything it should b an some it right were u need to be if you are restless irritable an discontent u are at the right place its home thank you. – Eric S.

I lived at the Progress House for 15 months and the other guys and staff helped to save my life. I was taught how to live sober. That life without alcohol is a good life and can be wonderful and fun. I was taught how to help others and to stop thinking only of myself. While active in addiction, I was a very selfish person. Now I try to be unselfish and help someone else. My family is amazed at the change that they have seen in me since I made the decision to be sober. I happily have 2 1/2 years of continuous sobriety now and am not looking back. I have success in every aspect of my life and I owe it all to my sobriety, which was showed to me by the good people at the Progress House. So many good guys that completely understand whatever you are going through, because they have been there too. I still come back often to visit and to stay in touch with such great people and try to help if I can. – Doug H.

It’s a great place to learn a lot about yourself and begin a new life! – Dave H.

Great place if your serious and ready to change. – Matt F.

Great place to get sober.. The staff is amazing. – Kelsey W.

Absolute love for The PHouse and all of the staff. One of the best decisions in my life, I lost myself somewhere down the road of life, Progress House returned ME, back to ME. Met a lot of great people and personalities, went through a lot of emotions and feelings, God granted so much, so quick back. I know God has my back and The PHouse brings the truth, the hope and the faith back. – Chad D.

I love this place! The guys and the staff here are great. There’s a saying that, “God smiles on the Progress House.” I believe it’s so true. Thank you for helping the still suffering alcoholic and addict. – Jason J.