Community Outreach

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We understand the challenges facing those who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse and the chronic disease of addiction. Most men come to the Progress House saying their lives are out of control. Addiction affects the physical body, emotions and spirit. At Progress House, our residents find the help they need to develop and maintain a responsible, productive, and healthy lifestyle. They work together to recover from addiction ad re-enter society with a new approach toward life.

Drug and alcohol abuse is an equal opportunity destroyer. Addiction does not discriminate; it doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, a man or woman, or what the color of your skin is. Addiction is not a character flaw or moral weakness; it is a chronic brain disease. All people suffering from addiction deserve help without prejudice. They need a chance. Progress House is a place where men are given another chance to turn their lives around and begin the wonderful journey to long-term recovery.

After 54 years in business we have earned credibility and a solid reputation throughout the state. Because of the miracles we have witnessed and our desire to do more. We regularly meet with the following groups across the state of Indiana to discuss how we can work in a mutually beneficial way with their clients or referrals: Adult Probation Departments, Department of Corrections, Treatment Centers, Churches, Drug Courts, Veterans Courts, Hospitals, 12-Step Fellowships, Local Coordinating Councils, the Governor’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement-Treatment-and Prevention, Mental Health Providers, Advocacy Groups, Businesses, Community Organizations, other recovery service providers, schools, universities and the general public.

If you would like us to present to your group or if you would like to discuss the potential of a mutually beneficial partnership with Progress House, please contact our Director of Outreach, Darrell Mitchell.

Darrell Mitchell
Direct Number: 317-374-7193