Progress House Program

Progress House is home to 75 men whose typical length of stay ranges from 90 days to 12 months. The House provides a secure, comfortable living environment including three meals per day plus laundry facilities, a serene Chapel, a computer lab, a well-stocked library, a workout gym, a TV lounge, and a game room.

The Progress House is safe and secure, with Security cameras maintained in all common areas. The Control Desk is manned 24 hours per day. Most importantly Progress House provides the support of a professional staff, all of who are in long-term recovery. Our successful alumni regularly return to the House for meetings and to mentor newer residents.

Most Recovery Residences have similar goals; to provide an environment conducive to sober living and to reintroduce residents to basic, necessary life skills that may have been neglected due to addiction. What sets Progress House apart is its wide-ranging and well-ordered process of implementing those goals. There is a system of review to assist residents in the transition from entry level to ever increasing levels of responsibility as they mature through the working of the 12-step recovery process.

Included are expectations and requirements that the residents participate in their own recovery and in the daily life of the House, a scheme of discipline to enforce the rules fairly and encourage honest self-correction.

Progress House Slogan

Program Overview

A sincere and genuine desire for change is a requirement to be admitted to the program here at Progress House. Total abstinence is the goal of the Progress House. Any use of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.

You will be asked to make a 90-day commitment to stay here. Many men stay much longer. You will be reviewed periodically to see if your placement here is appropriate. It is the goal of the Progress House to help you become self-sufficient in your recovery and to become independent. While here, our residents work together to recover from addiction and re-enter society with a new approach.

Our program provides integrated Recovery Coaching, incorporates the 12-Step Model, provides Job Coaching, the utilization of Peer Support, and Mentorship programs all in a safe, sober environment.