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Steps for Admission

Steps for Admission:

1. Application

An application can be submitted online. Please click the “Apply for Residency” button to the left to download the form. This is a fallible PDF form. After you have completed the form, save it to your computer and then send an email to Bennie Williamson,, with the completed form attached to your email.

– OR –

You can also click the “Apply for Residency” button to the left and PRINT the application. The printed application can be filled in by hand and be dropped off at our main facility.

2. Complete Intake Assessment

An assessment consists of meeting with our experienced staff in order to determine whether Progress House is the best facility to meet the needs of a potential resident.

3. Pass Drug Screen

Because Progress House does not have medical staff, we must ensure that a potentially new resident has been through the detox process. Drug screening is utilized as a tool to determine that drugs are out of a person’s system.