A Structured Sober Living Environment

Progress House provides an opportunity to men seeking permanent recovery from an addiction to any mind-altering substance. Our modality is a structured, 3-Phase spiritual, sober living environment, that focuses on the healing of our client's bodies, the transformation of their minds, and the awakening of their spirits.

We are not a traditional Halfway House. I have often wondered what does that mean? Half way to where? We are a Recovery Center and we use a proven process that generates a personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from addiction to any mind-altering substance. In our experience a transformation, an awakening is required to achieve permanent recovery. The Twelve Steps create the transformation in the individual and our recovery program provides the framework that increases the likelihood of success.

Our programming addresses the individual in a holistic manner, which includes mind, body and soul. Upon the solid foundation of the Twelve Steps, we provide the following:

Monthly Fees Cover the Following: