Admissions Criteria


To be admitted to Progress House:

  • Must be male 18 years or older 
  • Must submit to frequent, random drug and alcohol screening 
  • Any positive drug screen may result in immediate eviction 
  • Must be mentally and physically able to participate in program 
  • Must follow Progress House’s program guidelines 
  • Must be willing to participate in his own recovery 
  • Primary issue must be substance abuse/dependence 
  • Commit to Phase 1 completion (typically takes 90 days) 
  • Must be medically and psychologically stable and provide clearance from doctor 
  • If coming from detox or withdrawal management, must provide release documentation including detox’s assessment. 
  • Must pay for all program fees and/or actively seek to secure insurance and state residential fee coverage 
  • Must perform routine household chores, called “Team Details”. 
  • Help to maintain a clean, home-like atmosphere. 
  • Must treat fellow residents and staff with respect. Any violent, threatening language or behavior is grounds for immediate eviction.