The Gift of Recovery

During the holiday season, consider giving the Gift of Recovery to help men at Progress House continue the journey toward stable, longterm recovery. You can make a one-time or recurring donation, and specify some specific areas of need right now. This can include weekly therapy, living essentials or skills training. Or you can choose to gift an entire month's stay and recovery programming for an individual.

Make someone's holidays even happier!
Progress House General Fund

We have been leading others from Addiction to Recovery since 1961. Progress House is home to 150 men in recovery from substance use disorder. Our resident’s typical length of stay ranges from 90 days to 2 years. The mission of Progress House is to save lives and serve others by providing a safe, sober living environment and tools for developing long-term recovery and self-sufficiency.  

Please help us save lives and reunite families by making a one time or recurring gift. Thank you!

Annual Scholarship Program

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The Indiana NAP offers tax credits of up to $2.5 million as an incentive to help nonprofits leverage contributions to help economically disadvantaged areas or people. Each year, the Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) offers up to $2.5 million in NAP (Neighborhood Assistance Program) tax credits to be distributed by 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporations. These organizations, including Aspire Indiana, can offer the credits to donors in order to help boost contributions.


IHCDA NAP tax credits work like a rebate from the state. By giving to Aspire Indiana through this program, you will reduce your state tax liability by 50% of your donation. Any person, business, or organization that has Indiana income tax liability are eligible to give through the program. Donors can also give over a period of time within the same calendar year to build up to a larger contribution.


Contact us to see if there are credits still available for Aspire.

Download and fill out the required forms below: 

Then scan and return them via email or print and mail them to us with your gift to 9615 E. 148th St, Noblesville, IN 46060. If you give online, be sure to check that there are still tax credits available, and then indicate in the online giving form that you wish for your gift to be processed through the IHCDA NAP program.


Michelle Bell
Corporate Development Coordinator


Capital Campaigns

Aspire Indiana Health and Progress House have joined forces to offer an evolution of addiction treatment, which we refer to as the Whole Health Recovery Continuum (WHRC). Instead of scattering the pieces to the recovery puzzle and expecting people to find them, the WHRC brings everything needed for a highly-effective recovery program, including a stable, safe place to live. In this continuum of care, there is no right or wrong place to enter treatment. 

We are proud to announce that our first Capital Campaign will focus on building out our Whole Health Recovery Continuum for women. We are working with stakeholders in Hamilton County to open a residential treatment facility for women. As the next piece of the continuum, we will be opening Progress House for Women recovery residences.

Join us in offering women in Central Indiana the opportunity to reach their potential and live their best lives. Your support saves and changes lives, reconciles families and heals communities. Together we can break familial cycles of addiction and start healing the generational wounds caused by this devastating disease.

Progress House for Women Logo
Next Step Recovery Housing

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