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Dr. Tim Kelly

Some thoughts on Addiction and Progress House, Inc. from Dr. Tim Kelly.

First, a little bit about Dr. Kelly, he graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine and for more than three decades has practiced addiction medicine in Indiana. Prior to joining the Community Health Network, Dr. Kelly worked for 30 years at Fairbanks Hospital, where he served terms as President, CEO, and Medical Director. In 2015, Dr. Kelly was selected to serve on then-Governor Pence’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement, Treatment, and Prevention.

‍"My primary medical specialty is Internal Medicine but I have been practicing Addiction Medicine for more than 35 years. It continues to be a privilege to serve patients and their families. I have learned so much especially from those in recovery and in the 12 Step community. I rarely have the chance to thank everyone as a group so I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all the support my patients, my family and myself have received from the recovering community. I would likely not be practicing in this field if my family had not been blessed with the miracle of recovery by my father who had been sober for 23 years and still active in AA when he passed away.

Over time I have learned to take seriously the ruthlessly destructive opponent we face every day-the disease of Addiction. I believe that every person engaged in this struggle needs all possible advantages to give them the best chance for the favorable outcome of long-term recovery. For example, we are now in an era where medication management for treatment of those battling addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and opioids has an important role. In addition, the right support system and an environment favorable to recovery are also often critically important. Progress House provides just such an environment to those participating in the program there. They provide immersion in the process of recovery. Not only are participants fed and housed, they also have structure, supervision, and accountability while being taught how to remain clean and sober. The House is a well run tough-minded 12 step oriented facility that while continuing to evolve maintains its roots in the guiding philosophy of the 12 Steps.

Many people underestimate what it takes to successfully manage the illness of addiction. I often say to people "Either you learn how to manage your disease or it will manage you." Progress House continues to offer the basic tools needed in this endeavor but also counseling, coaching, case management, and facilitation of employment. I believe the most valuable component of the program is the staff, members of which serve as role models and help clients engage in the process of recovery.

I am so impressed with them that I am an active volunteer and have the honor of serving on the Board of Directors. I am fortunate to be a part of this amazing place that I consider to be a leader among residential recovery centers.

Once again, thank you, Progress House for all you have done and continue to do for me, for my patients, their families and everyone you serve."

With gratitude,
Timothy J Kelly, MD, DABAM, FASAM